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Corporate Membership

KRAG Corporate Membership

KRAG offer Corporate Membership to those companies and organisations that wish to promote best practice when dealing with herpetofauna issues in Kent. All corporate members have signed up to a commitment to work towards best practice in their professional capacities. Corporate membership costs just £50 per year.

To find out more about Corporate Membership and to apply for membership please download the iconCorporate Membership Application pack (2.81 MB)

Benefits of Membership

Corporate Membership logo Those organisations that are corporate members are able to use the KRAG corporate members logo in their literature to promote their support of best practice. Corporate members that contribute records to KRAG are entitled to FREE database searches of Kent herpetofauna and FREE access to an online risk assessment tool. Corporate Members can also access other resources that include distribution maps, conservation leaflets and summary data illustrating species activity patterns - along with other relevant information. Examples of this information can be seen below.

Examples of Corporate Members Materials

Corporate Members:

Bramley Associates

Calumma Ecological Services

Ecology@Tardivel Ltd

Flag Ecology Limited

Greenspace Ecological Solutions

KB Ecology

Lloyd Bore Ltd

Martin Hendy Landscapes

South East Water