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Grass Snake (Natrix natrix)

Grass Snake (Natrix natrix) Recorded Grass Snake Distribution in Kent

A common garden visitor, people often fear that they will have an impact on fish and amphibian populations in ponds. In fact grass snakes will only have a very small impact and are testimony that a wildlife garden has been a great success, after all nature intended that grass snakes should eat amphibians! The harmless grass snake is also subjected to persecution and misunderstanding.

Occasionally members of the public ask for grass snakes to be removed from their gardens. This is usually futile as it will not reduce the likelihood of encountering another individual, unless of course the garden is concreted over that afternoon!

Any steps taken to discourage grass snakes from gardens should be carefully considered, as they are likely to reduce the gardens benefit to all forms of wildlife.

Of course if you have a grass snake that is injured or in trouble in your garden, KRAG will do all we can to help.