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Kent Reptile & Amphibian Group Recorders Comprehensive Online Submission Form
Comprehensive Online Submission Form
KRAG endeavours to build up long-term herpetofauna (reptile and amphibian) records in an attempt to safeguard them from development or mismanagement. You can submit your records here, or read more in our recording section.

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Not sure? Visit our reptile and amphibian identification pages
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If 'other' species please enter the common or scientific name above, or if 'unknown' please enter a brief description Invalid Input Male Please enter a number Female Please enter a number Unknown Please enter a number Indicate numerically how many of each lifestage you observed. You might know that you saw 3 males and 2 females, or you might have seen approximately 500 eggs where the sex was unknown, or maybe you just saw one animal of unknown sex, enter these values above
When? Please enter the date you saw the animal, in the format (DD/MM/YYYY) or by clicking the date on the calendar. Hour Invalid Input Minute Invalid Input
If you are not sure of the the exact time of your sighting you can give an approximate time in the further comments box. Time Zone
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Where? (Where you saw the animal) Site Name Invalid Input
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Need a grid reference? Visit OS Get-a-map
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Choose 'Visual' if you simply spotted the animal, 'Refugia' if it was under something 'Torch' if you spotted an amphibian at night in a pond etc.
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You do not need to fill in your address or telephone number, but they might be useful to us for verification of your record. If you leave this section blank your email address will be our reference.
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Photographs & Files If you have digital images of your sighting that you wish to send or a file containing your records you may upload them here
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